Selective Demolition

Selective demolition involves the demolition of only specifically designated portions of a structure.  Some people call this work “soft demolition” or “non-structural removals”, but these designations are only partially accurate.  Selective demolition also includes saw-cutting, coring, foundation modifications, masonry removals, facade removals, structural dismantlements and the like, all of which are regularly performed by Stamford Wrecking Company.

We regularly perform very large selective demolition projects involving non-structural and structural aspects.  As part of its work, Stamford Wrecking Company employs highly skilled workers, specialty equipment and provides engineered shoring solutions for even the most complex removals.

We make sure that only items selected for demolition are actually demolished.  It is certain that damage to non-selected items is not only expensive and unproductive but also delays the project.

With our experienced crews, project management teams and equipment, our customers are assured timely and successful projects.