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  • Expert Construction Services Since 1926.
  • Fully Integrated General & Civil Construction, Demolition, Recycling and Remediation Services.
  • Unique Knowledge of the Industries We Serve.
  • Fully Insured.
  • $40,000,000.00 Bonding Capacity. 

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Recent News

News & Project Activities

Demolishing a housing project in the Naugatuck Valley.

Selective Demolition to support the architectural façade for redevelopment.

Using the high-reach to take down a commercial structure.Full Article


Multiple underground tanks removed at a current site.


Full Article - Demolition of Mercer Coal


Letter of Award for the demolition of an abandoned Waste Water Treatment Facility in eastern Connecticut.


Stage 1 Complete on I-84 - Hamilton Ave. Bridge concrete deck and parapet removed.


Experience that Matters

Established in 1926, Stamford Wrecking Company is a general contractor which has grown into one of the Northeast's largest demolition and environmental companies. We are centrally located to and operate in New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Our 250 employees develop and implement creative and cost effective work practices enabling safe, timely and professionally run projects. Attention to detail and our project centric approach has made our Construction Services Division the core of our business. Accompanying the many demolition and remediation services we provide, Stamford Wrecking crews operate in several states building or rehabilitating buildings, bridges, dams, and culverts.

In addition to mass building demolitions and interior selective demolitions, we routinely perform dismantlements and specialty mass demolitions of water tanks, smoke stacks, and structures with party walls. We are accustomed to difficult building and structure dismantlements in congested urban environments.

Stamford Wrecking Company regularly works in hospitals and in food, chemical and drug facilities where cleanliness and controls for infectious disease, vibration, odor and other client concerns are paramount. Our clients include developers and federal, state, county and municipal governments as well as publicly traded and privately held companies.

Our environmental remediation services include: emergency response services; tank pulls; asbestos, lead, mold, chemical, contaminated soil, contaminated water, heavy metal, PCB and pesticide remediations.

Commitment to Excellence

Stamford Wrecking Company’s Project Management Group runs our projects. For each project, an Operations Team specifically selected for the particular project is assembled Each Operations Team consists of administrative, engineering, estimating, supervisory and project management personnel. Working together, your project is assured professional handling from its conception to its final completion.

Our work does not stop when we leave the site. Understanding our clients' record keeping and financing needs related to documentation, Stamford Wrecking Company provides our customers with all close out documentation needed for every project. We have also implemented a documentation retention policy through which documents can be provided years after work has been completed.

Stamford Wrecking Company is fully committed to recycling and the environment. We are a proven participant in the “LEEDS Recycling Program” and we can help the client develop his site specific waste/recycling plan for the project.

Featured Work


Construction Services

Construction management is the heart of a successful project.  At Stamford Wrecking, construction management starts well before the work at the site commences. more...




Stamford Wrecking Company daily performs asbestos, lead and hazardous materials abatements together with contaminated soils remediations.  We follow all regulations to protect our customers, the environment and the hazardous waste industry’s personnel. more...


Industrial Demolition

Since 1926, we have provided our customers with the benefit of our unparalleled experience combined with the latest technology and management practices.  We are the premier provider of industrial and heavy structure demolition in New England.  No other company has the depth of knowledge and expertise that we have. more...


Commercial Demolition

No other contactor can compare to Stamford Wrecking Company’s safe and efficient building and structure demolition in both congested urban areas or in open environments. more...



Residential Demolition

Housing projects, multi-family and even single family home demolitions are effortlessly performed. more...


LEEDs Certified

Our process allows for “Green Demolitions” in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts. Stamford Wrecking Company has long embraced recycling of construction waste from our demolition operations.  Recycling brings cost savings, project efficiencies and public relations benefits for our customers, and is good for the environment too. more...