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  • Fully Integrated General & Civil Construction, Demolition, Recycling and Remediation Services.
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  • $40,000,000.00 Bonding Capacity. 

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Recent News

News & Project Activities

Demolishing a housing project in the Naugatuck Valley.

Selective Demolition to support the architectural façade for redevelopment.

Using the high-reach to take down a commercial structure.Full Article


Multiple underground tanks removed at a current site.


Full Article - Demolition of Mercer Coal


Letter of Award for the demolition of an abandoned Waste Water Treatment Facility in eastern Connecticut.


Stage 1 Complete on I-84 - Hamilton Ave. Bridge concrete deck and parapet removed.

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Achieving realistic project estimates is necessary for a successful project. By utilizing our experience and the latest technology, Stamford Wrecking provides the right cost estimate for your project. As remediation and demolition are usually the first jobsite activities, a correct job start sets the stage for the rest of the trades. A poor project start leads to project delays and additional costs. For these reasons, the contractor you select must have the right estimate for your project.

Estimating Services:

  • Comprehensive Cost Estimate Analysis
  • Identification of Risks vs. Project Costs
  • Staffing Estimates
  • Equipment Schedule Estimates
  • Project Scheduling
Email: Estimators@DemolitionServices.com