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News & Project Activities

Demolishing a housing project in the Naugatuck Valley.

Selective Demolition to support the architectural façade for redevelopment.

Using the high-reach to take down a commercial structure.Full Article


Multiple underground tanks removed at a current site.


Full Article - Demolition of Mercer Coal


Letter of Award for the demolition of an abandoned Waste Water Treatment Facility in eastern Connecticut.


Stage 1 Complete on I-84 - Hamilton Ave. Bridge concrete deck and parapet removed.

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Environmental - Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA)

Resource Conservation & Recovery Act

Stamford Wrecking Company has been involved in many projects throughout the years where the removal of industrial waste is a large environmental concern.  We work with the state and local agencies such as the EPA and DEP to make sure we accurately track and legally dispose of these contaminates.

Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) identifies metals such as copper, arsenic and cadmium, which are smelted and used in a wide variety of industrial applications throughout the country. The process of smelting and general use in industrial production generates contamination which travels throughout the facility. Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3 site investigations determine and identify the extent of contamination. Remediation plans in accordance with applicable laws, regulatory guidelines and specifications are then designed to remediate the facility or property.