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  • We have built our reputation with the integrity for doing the best and difficult demolitions for 3 generations our old motto used to be “If you don’t see it, we’ve done our job!”
  • Now diversified with several affiliate companies Stamford Wrecking Company gives the Owner and their CMs an unparalleled choice for One-Stop Service. We can literally do it all from demolition, remediation, civil & site work to General Construction work.
  • Our depth of knowledge from 87 over the years brings with it of job cost saving techniques which makes our clients confident and comfortable with choosing Stamford Wrecking Company and any of our affiliates.  
  •  Let us take a look at your project.

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About Us

Stamford Wrecking Company History

In 1926, Charles Goldblum founded Stamford Wrecking Company. Recycling even in the 1920’s, we performed building demolition and then sold the used building supplies, plumbing supplies and lumber. By selling used building supplies, plumbing supplies and lumber. The reusable lumber he sold to area builders, while scraps and wood unsuitable for construction was sold to bakeries to keep their ovens fired.

One of the original building demolition companies Stamford Wrecking received one of the first demolition licenses issued by the State of Connecticut. By starting small, gaining experience and public confidence, Stamford Wrecking received substantial name recognition in 1938 by obtaining the contract for, and successfully demolishing, the private residence and stable of Percy Rockefeller.

As each generation has learned from the knowledge of the past, we continue to learn and enhance solid reputation in this industry. We also continually strive to exceed the highest standards in the industry for innovation and safety.

These years have given us experience with all types of projects including residential, commercial, and industrial demolitions and implosions together with specialty structures including smoke stacks and towers, historical structures and tank removals. Since the 1980s we have performed the remediation of soils, asbestos, hazardous materials, pesticides and oils together with substantial site services and new construction.

We learned early in our history that construction, demolition and reusables are inseparable. Our Construction Services Division actively assists our customers, general contractors and construction managers for building constructions and building renovations, bridge construction and repairs, bulkhead installation, culverts, dams and other similar projects. The next generation looks forward to the future challenges of this industry.